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OF 3DP logo by S. Forshaw

The vision is for the Officina to become a place for exploring new and emerging economic models (e.g. the economy of care & repair), creative thinking, research, and regenerative action. The space already offers rooms of different sizes, adaptable to different uses.

We imagine a cluster of laboratories working with both traditional and advanced technologies. A place where different generations meet and talent flourishes. A meeting point for a variety of enterprises, cultural organisations, and community groups. A Community Hub , a catalyst for a range of activities: exhibitions, private receptions, research seminars, and making workshops.

With its generous space and being still registered as an opificio , L’Officina can happily welcome a microbrewery with and within a garden, a distillery with tasting stations, and even a bakery with its own mill.

Our motto is Diamo Spazio! Below, an outline of where we would like to be in few years.

Fleet Collective, Dundee
Fleet Collective, Dundee, UK.

Private laboratory spaces are available on short and long-term lease. The availability of rooms of different characters, combined with the high ceiling and a pillar structure, afford a flexible use of the space, which is adaptable to different needs at different times of the day. For instance, the part of the workshop with direct access to the garden  now serves as a science garden for primary school children during the day, and a parkour and climbing gym in the evening. The laboratories are equipped with laser cutters, 3DP tools, plotters as well as anvils, looms, and wood turners. Shared services include an electric-van available on-demand. Reconditioned bicycles are free to use in exchange of a small refundable deposit.

MAKE- Live
Street Food – Photo by Note di Pasta, Saronno

The Officina is equipped with a kitchen, and a special parking slot is available for street food catering. There is a play-area on premise where parents can leave their children. La Palazzina, the apartment building connected to the Officina, has been fully renovated and it is still home to families from different backgrounds and ages. A studio is available to invited scholars, students, craftsmen, artists and scientists through  bursaries and visit exchanges arranged with International universities.

MAKE- Grow
Garden - Offina
Garden – Offina Faré

Il giardino with its centenary trees is still pretty wild, but has now grown into a forest garden, a rich and biodiverse environment, with the old pond and medicinal plants. Forest gardening seminars are held on premise, and there is a coffee area in terrazza. There is still the old  cherry tree  house with an open fireplace that people can use for cooking and meetings. The garden is open to all makers and friends.

Make- @Present
Vision - Mood Board
Mood Board  – Officina Faré Vision

Officina Faré is an emergent grass-roots initiative that wishes to help to revitalise the economic, social and cultural fibre of a Northern Italy community through space, skill and resource sharing. It aims to develop into a civic initiative underpinned by an explicit collective desire to serve as a pilot and future exemplar for the regeneration of economies on the edge of large urban centres such as Milan.

The vision is to do so by supporting processes of ingenious making through the design of a shared physical space and the creation of networks of highly skilled people from different backgrounds but with compatible values.

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