The vision is for the Officina to become a place for creative thinking and making, rapid prototyping, research & innovation and high-quality traditional craftsmanship; we imagine a cluster of laboratories working with both traditional and advanced technologies.

It is to become the meeting point for a variety of enterprises, cultural organisations, and community groups; the venue for a range of events, including arts exhibitions, private receptions, research seminars and making workshops. An outline of where we would like to be in few years is included below.

Private laboratory spaces are available on short and medium lease; the design of the space is flexible so that its use can be re-arranged to suit the current occupiers. The working areas are equipped with laser cutters, 3D printers, plotters as well as anvils, looms, wood turners and traditional machineries. Facilities, to include an electric-van and a few cells scooter, are shared and so are the costs for their maintenance and use. Reconditioned bicycles and locks are free to use in exchange of a small refundable deposit.

MAKE – Live
The space is equipped with a kitchen and dining area, a terrace and a large studio space suitable for workshops, seminars and other activities. There is a play-area on premise where parents can leave their children. La ‘Palazzina’, the apartment building connected to the Officina, has been fully renovated and it is still home to families from different backgrounds and ages. Accommodation is free to invited scholras, students, craftsmen, artists and scientists in residence. A small studio is also available as a self-catering unit with no minimum stay. Perfect base to connect with Milan, Como and the wider region.

MAKE – Grow
The once wild and unruly giardino with its centenary trees, it is still pretty wild, but has now grown into a forest garden, with the old pond, animals, edible and medicinal plants. Forest gardening seminars are held on premise, and there is a coffee area available ‘in terrazza’. There is a small garden house with an open fireplace that people can use for cooking and meetings. The garden is open to all ‘makers’ and friends.

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