Groundfloor level of the site
The ground floor level of the site with its 3 main components: l’officina (or workshop), la palazzina (the residential building), and the garden.

The site consists of 3 main components: officina (workshop), palazzina (residential building), and the garden. Each area mixes three key aspects of ‘making’: do, live, grow.

Since the very start in the 1950s, the vision for this space was to be a place for people to live, grow, and make together in the respect of their own individual needs, skills and aspirations. The structure was inspired by the peaceful design of the Arab internal courtyards, the industrious life of the Italian officine, the connection with the land of  rural cascine, and the social imperative of the case di ringhiera.

Put this space to good use! More info about the space can be found in the Officina Fare’ Information Pack PDF [1.5MB]

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