logo_fabbro_selectOfficina Faré is a place for Making: doing, living, and growing. These three aspects correspond to the building blocks of the space of which l’Officina is part: workshop, garden, and living area. It is located in Saronno, a small city just outside Milan, Italy.

Built in the 50s, l’Officina was run as an independent business for 60 years by a family of artisans, metalworkers and engineers who worked and lived close to their families.

In the same spirit of independence, shared living, and resourceful thinking, Officina Faré started as a grass-roots initiative aimed at helping with revitalising the economic, social and cultural fibre of the surrounding communities through space and skills sharing, and  local and International connections.

These are our first steps, let’s make them a  journey.

officina cleanup
Do – Officina, workshop cleanup
Forest Garden
Grow – Forest Garden
Living Area - Rooftops
Live – living areas and rooftops