A young 'Faré' Officina Faré, once  home to a family-owned business,  is a space looking for a new lease on life.

The workshop – or Officina – is an open space of 500mq with two annex studios and a terrace on the first floor. It was home to a family-owned business of craftsmen, metal workers, and mechanical engineers who have recently retired.
The workshop is part of a living space that includes an old traditional family building – a ‘palazzina’ – comprising a number of apartments, two offices and a large garden with centenary trees right in the middle of an urban space. This complex organically grew over 100 years from a small dwelling surrounded by an orchard into a living space that has been the home of many families from a variety of cultural and ethnical backgrounds for well over 50 years.

Turning Point
Due to the economic and social ‘change of climate’, the space is now at a turning point. The old and new generation have a common vision: transform this place into a small-scale production co-working space for “ingenious making”, where traditional craftsmanship meets digital making, advanced technologies and research.The priority, right now is to inject energy into the space by opening it up to like-minded and visionary people who share similar values of collaboration and freedom of experimentation. In practice, we wish to open up the space to friends, fellow researchers and makers who could share with us inspiration, curiosity, energy, and ideas.

About the name Faré
I have asked one of our ‘Elders’ how he would like to call his workshop. As a retired craftsman and mechanical engineer, he always worked with metal particularly with ferro (italian for iron). Our family name is Ferrario and for the past three generations we have worked with metal. Faré is the local vernacular for blacksmith. Without the accent the word fare in Italian means “to make”.

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