GeometriesOfficina Faré is an emergent grass-roots initiative aimed at re-vitalising the economic, social and cultural fibre of a Northern Italy community through space, skill and resource sharing.

It is a civic initiative underpinned by an explicit collective desire to serve as a pilot and future exemplar for the re-generation of economies on the ‘edge’ of large urban centres such as Milan. The vision is to do so by supporting processes of `ingenious making’ through the design of a shared physical space and the creation of networks of highly skilled people from different backgrounds but with similar values.

About The Faré
The Faré is an extended family of makers. Firstly, the Ferrario Elders who have built, worked and lived in this place all their lives; then,  the families who live on site; finally the wide network of friends who live both locally and abroad.

The Officina has some truly awesome friends, to include: Studio di Archittettura PRR, who dares thinking outside the box whilst bringing tecnical expertise to the table; Quaderni di Carattere, who designed Officina Faré awesome logo; Marco B. , who, gifted  with exeptional photographic skills, has been volunteered to be the unofficial OF photographer; Fluidedge in Dublin, masters of epic brainstorms at any time of the day or night;  and the Catalyst team at Lancaster University, a shiny example of intellectual freedom,  creativity, fun and team work.

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